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White on white Chikankari Sari


Step into the world of timeless fashion with our stunning chikankari white on white sari, featuring the famed bMurri & phanda stitches of Chikankari. The floral motifs creates a shadow effect on the fine cotton. The knots of the embroidery gives a fine emboss texture to it too. Pair it with a contrasting colourful blouse in kalamkari, block prints or the like for a classic look, or mix it up with contemporary accessories for a modern twist.


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This collection of sarees is handwoven for the expert women of Alaa – a unit dedicated to Chikankari. The soft cotton texture iconic of Baragaon sarees remains just as warm, suiting all needs of the season. We have incorporated Lucknavi or Chikankari embroidery. It is an iconic art form featuring intricate florals and geometric patterns. This luxurious technique is known for its elaborate patterns, workmanship and royal heritage value. The women at Alaa are some of the best artisans in Lucknow city. Establishing a centre in the heart of the city, Alaa Studio aim to give a livelihood of recognition and inspire young girls to continue the legacy of Chikan embroidery.

Embrace timeless elegance with this exquisite chikankari white sari, intricately adorned with vibrant colored embroidery. Each thread tells a story of skilled artisanship, meticulously crafted by expert hands. The delicate white base offers a pristine canvas for the colorful motifs, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Perfect for festive occasions or a sophisticated evening out, this sari drapes beautifully, enhancing your grace and poise. Pair it with traditional jewelry to complete the look, or keep it minimal for a contemporary twist. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a cultural event, this chikankari sari promises to make you the center of attention, celebrating the rich heritage of Indian textile art.

Size : Length is 5.5 m , width of 44 inches.

100% Pure Cotton, Handloom.

Wash Care:
Dryclean (preferred) or
Gentle hand wash
Cold wash with mild detergent
First wash separate
Dry in shade
No dipping