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Handloom Weaves

With our interventions we have brought in smiles to many practitioners, encouraged installation of more looms and a family has even given up working as construction laborers in Lucknow and moved back to the village.

Handwoven Pashmina

Pashmina comes from the Persian word pashmineh, which means wool in Persian. The Pashmina fabric is iconic to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. We design stoles and shawls in pashmina with the globally recognised GI certification.

Handspun Pashmina

The Pashmina wool comes from a distinct breed of goats found at an altitude of above 14000 feet in the plateau of Changthan in Ladkah, Kashmir. Our efforts are directed to provide optimum benefits to the women still practicing this craft despite the hardships.


Zardozi (or gold work) embroidery is a kind of embroidery done on a karchob / adda, with various kinds of metal threads. Traditionally zardozi involved silver wire embroidery and gold leaf embellishments. Our zardozi products are made in the village of Baragaon.


We are currently working with a group of young girls practicing the craft. Our efforts are directed to giving a new look to the craft while reviving its quality and finesse.

Kashmiri Sozni

Kani Weaving

Phool-Patti work