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Handloom Weaves

Our pure cotton handloom fabrics are handwoven in pit looms in villages like Baragaon in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. The yarn ranges from the counts of 40s to 60s. Slub yarn and other embellished yarn is often used to create a range of textures and patterns in plain weaves. Environment friendly Azo-free dyes are used. Elders of the region recall times when the villages used to echo with the sound of looms.

From hundreds of looms in every village, we have moved down to a dozen weavers. People have been abandoning the craft to switch over to unskilled jobs in cities, which further hurts their living standards. With our interventions we have encouraged the installation of more looms and a family has even given up working as construction laborers in Lucknow and moved back to the village.

Cotton Handloom Weaving
Cotton Handloom Weaver

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