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Handwoven Pashmina

Pashmina comes from the Persian word pashmineh, which means wool in Persian. The Pashmina fabric is iconic to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Despite the turbulences of the conflict torn area, the Pashmina keeps going around the spindle, the threads keep transforming into treasured shawls. Soft to touch, warm to feel and mesmerising to look at, these fabrics talk of authenticity.

True to their art, some weavers refuse to work with the abundantly available yarns from mills. The purest Pashmina shawls and stoles are woven on specialised handlooms with hand spun yarn in and around Srinagar.The result of the toil is a fabric so pleasantly handmade it seduces you at the very first touch.

We design stoles and shawls in pashmina with the globally recognised GI certification.

Cotton Handloom Weaving
Cotton Handloom Weaving

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