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Chhattisgarh Cotton Weaves

The state of Chhattisgarh, situated in central India is well known for its aboriginal crafts and culture. Native to many different tribes, it is home to many types of handlooms and handicrafts. The simplicity of the people and their lives are seen in the products they create. It is a delight to seen the crafts thriving under passionate initiatives by the government of the state, and enthusiastic weaver’s societies.

Our travels took us to weaving societies dating to pre-independence times. The textiles made on these looms come with a strong “Swadeshi” inspiration. Bedsheets, towels, dohars, gamchas and even mosquito nets are woven in cotton. While the products are much celebrated locally, our initiative is to introduce these delightful textiles beyond the current boundaries.

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buy cotton handloom