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Pashmina Stock Clearance

This year has been specially tough on us all. With cancelled orders and dwindling sales many of our weaver friends and families are struggling. Mansoor and Faiyaz from the Kashmir valley are one such family.  They are stuck with a huge stock of handspun and handwoven authentic Pashmina shawls in the two natural colours of grey and off-white. These are full sized shawls of 40″ X 80″ weighing 200 grams. They are offering this at cost prices. Baragaon being the platform to offer the same to you.

True to their art, weavers like Mansoor Bhai and his son Faiyaz refuse to work with the abundantly available yarns from mills. The purest Pashmina shawls and stoles are woven on specialised handlooms with handspun yarn in and around Srinagar. The result of the toil is a fabric so pleasantly handmade it seduces you at the very first touch.

Do come forward to indulge yourself in the purest warmth of shopping for a cause.