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The story of our crafts

Inspired by the village of Baragaon and the life of the weavers, we began with the aim of assisting weavers in distress. Our mandate is to work with all weavers in India who are struggling under the onslaught of mechanisation and exploitative middlemen, providing them capacity building, design development and marketing assistance.

Handloom Weaves




Kashmiri Sozni

[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″ pause_on_hover=”true” control_nav=”true”][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”KALPANA MEHRA”]Bought this saree from Baragaon when they were exhibiting at Dastkaar. Love the saree. It wears so well, looks fabulous and priced to buy. Thank you Baragaon[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”MASROOR NABI”]It is a very good project taken up by you guys. The effort put in is seen by people. Hope you people will continue to help the right people. May god bless all[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”VIDHI RASTOGI”]Absolutely soft, gossamer like quality, and so comfortable and breathable[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”MADHVI KUKREJA”]A fabric that is so comfortable and beautiful ! Makes up half my wardrobe[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Anusuya Rao, Delhi”]We had been to your shop in HK Market last evening (24th Jan); We liked the products/fabric material in the store. Looking forward to more collection in other natural colors as well[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Kavita Panjabi , Kolkata”]Lovely material, soft, comfortable and beautiful colours. Have bought yards and yards of fabric and 2 dupattas. That wearing and gifting these weaves also helps in reviving the livelihoods of weavers and the handloom industry makes me value them all the more.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Mitali Joshi , Surat”]The material is very soothing and ethnic. Best for the rising degrees as it actually breathes to make you feel comfortable. This is the real product to fight climate change.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Kalpana Mehra, Delhi”]I love the weaves. The colours and simplicity and price make these sarees a must have.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Vidhi Rastogi, Lucknow”]Absolutely soft, gossamer like quality, and so comfortable and breathable. Bought a dupatta and a saree.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][/lvca_testimonials_slider]