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Green Pashmina Handspun Handwoven Pure Wool Shawl


The ever classic natural Green  shawl. This is a sure favourite for an effortless rich look, along with the much famous warmth of Pashmina. A perfect choice for the timeless look.

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From the Valleys of Kashmir, we have put together this collection of Handspun, Handwoven, GI certified Pashmina shawls. Heirloom pieces and the owners pride these luxurious pieces are exclusive designs by Baragaon Weaves. We have worked upon this for over a year. The creation work on each piece begins in the Himalayan peaks of Ladakh where the Changthangi goat hair is collected from the wild. Women in Srinagar and surrounding areas have nimbly spun the hair into the fine threads that then are woven as warp and the weft to create these priceless heirlooms.

Read more on the Pashmina story here

Size : Length is 80 inches, Width is 40 inches (200 cm X 100 cm).

Weight : 170- 200 grams.


  • 100% Pure Organic Pashmina,
  • Handspun and Handwoven
  • GI certified

Care Instructions:

Pashmina needs to be kept away from chemicals as much as possible hence it doesnot necessarily need dry cleaning. It needs to protected from moisture and sweat as much as possible. Careful storage with regular airing in mild sunlight is recommended. Good care ensures legendary longevity of these heirloom pieces

  • Hand Wash / Dry Clean. No machine wash/ drying
  • Mild Detergent / Shampoo (harsh chemicals reduce longevity)
  • Cold Wash Only (Warm water will cause felting)
  • Store in non-humid conditions. Not in damp & moist places .
  • Occasional airing is required when stored for long duration
  • Dry in shade/ mild sun
  • No Dipping
Weight 300 g