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Abdul Matin, Age 65 Years

“ Sote jaagte iski phikar rahti hai. Kisaani mei bhi ek mahine kaam karke 6 mahine baith sakte hai. Isme ek din bhi baith nahi sakte.” (We are worried all the time. If we were farmers we would have worked six months a year and earned enough for a years. But in this profession there is no respite for the entire 12 months.

Abdul Matin has been weaving since he was a child and is a third generation weaver. He feels that though work is more now, profit margins were higher before and the cost of yarn was less. He is not too sure of the future of his craft as the younger generation is no longer interested in the craft and most of the young men have ventured out for work. One of his sons does Zardozi work in Delhi and two of them work as mechanics. His three daughters along with his wife are engaged in weaving. Long working hours causes back aches and also strain to the eyes. Introduction of power looms promoted bulk production and further added to the woes of the weavers. Higher wages may help retain the remaining weavers and attract the new generation but otherwise future remains uncertain.

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