Designers Delight

The design process is difficult, when a designer’s imagination runs free and execution is bound by limitations. The limitations are further enhanced, when one decides to make the processes traditional and handmade. We are forever in awe of Designers who push for the handmade despite endless difficulties, delays, misgivings. And thank them for keeping the handloom industry Fashionable.

weavers of baragaonThe weavers of Baragaon are not the kinds frequented by designers unlike the more popular clusters of Maheshwar, Benaras or Chanderi (We do hope to change that soon). So three years ago when approached by a designer with the simplest concepts, the weavers had refused – a strong voiced no, not possible. Three years of rigorous work later, we have them brainstorming over designs, trying their level best to do the difficult. All they ask for is extra pay for the extra difficult. A fair bargain.

And so we sat it took hours to simply make them understand the design, many many more to translate them on textiles. Simple cotton, plain weaving, minimal and supposedly undemanding, but what is significant was the attitude of the same group of weavers. It’s a delight to see them come this long way to taking up challenges, to feeling meaningful and appreciative of their own efforts. Fabric lengths with repeats of 70 inches, saree with full length gradation, ombre-effects with seven colours on a single warp, they have made it all this year.

We thank Deepti Toor for her designs and trust; we do hope to have done justice to her efforts. The team including the weavers are curious to see the final collection and wish her good luck for the same. We do hope it was as much a delight to her as it was for us.

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