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Fakhrul and Aisha

Baragaon village, district Barabanki is an assortment of craftsmanship exhibited through its variety of crafts traditionally practiced by its artisans. This small village is loaded with creativity that is exhibited in the work of artisans spread across the region. Apart from handloom weaving, the other famous forms of craft are

– meenakari, zardozi embroidery and chikankari. One such example is Aisha Hassan and her husband Fakhrul Hassan who have been customarily practicing zardozi embroidery from their home in Baragaon village. Both Fakhrul and Aisha work together on various fabrics for delivering fine quality zardozi embroidery on different types of apparel. Amidst some artisans producing low quality zardozi work, Fakhrul is committed and a diligent artisan who ensures that the originality of zardozi embroidery is not lost in his deliverables. He once worked in his own unit that he established in Delhi for two to three years. However, Fakhrul was disappointed by the increasing interest of unskilled zardozi weavers in delivering low quality work at cheaper rate but in large quantities. The wage imbalance caused due to difference in quality of work seemed to disturb his regular flow of work. His fine work could not be met by unfair wages leaving him with a bare monthly income of 5000/- to 6000/-. Due to high living cost, meager income and need for looking after his family (his wife and three year old daughter) Fakhrul decided to shift back to his native village – Baragaon, however he could not succeed in finding regular work.

Recently, Fakhrul started working with project Baragaon Weaves and is proud of exhibiting his authentic zardozi embroidery work. The husband-wife duo are hopeful of receiving good flow of work while being able to receive fair wages for delivering fine craft. Fakhrul has also expressed interest in supporting his wife for skill up-gradation trainings for ensuring her productive contribution in work. Baragaon Weaves is highly committed to support such fine artisans who are not only talented but also committed towards preserving traditional crafts. Artisans like Fakhrul are inspiration for the artisan community and motivate Baragaon Weaves to sustain and enhance its engagement with various craftspersons.

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