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Nayara Bano, Age 35 Years

Is a mother of four and has been engaged in this work since she was a child. Both she and her husband are engaged in weaving to run the household expenses. With gradual dwindling of weaving as a profession, men have started to migrate outside for other work, some even venturing abroad to Saudi Arabia, for Zardozi and other work, leaving the

women behind. Women in the village mostly receive orders to tie knots in scarves . She feels that of the remaining weaver families, it is the women who do the maximum weaving now a days. Though she is cynical about education she is sending each one of her children to school especially focusing on her eldest daughter’s studies who is currently in standard 10th. She plans to teach the craft to her children, even to her daughters so that they can at least make a living, as a security for future. According to Bano, the weaver community prefers daughter is laws who know the work so that they can also add to the family earnings.

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