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One Challenge at a Time

While everyone thinks of monsoons as a respite from the angry sun, at the studio we sat sombre; planning ahead for the months of no work. Dying wont happen, the threads wont dry and nothing new gets woven!
When at the field next time, we were discussing the production planned and pointed out the monsoon months

of no work. The reaction from the weavers was inspiringly beautiful.

“Sahi se kiya to kaam hota rahega, Dhage kamron me sukha lenge. Thora zyada waqt lagega but aapka kaam nahi rukega”

We didn’t know whose enthusiasm was more inspiring, but we definitely had made the slightest.

Also revealing how the humidity of the monsoons can actually lead to better weaving qualities, he’d put our concerns to rest. The work has gotten them better houses, extra spaces that can be used to dry the threads under a roof. What’s more encouraging is the sincerity and dedication. The realization that the handlooms do really matter, that they can make it count and the weaving they do is actually recognised.

One challenge at a time we seem to making a slow but valuable impact.

While the threads will take longer to dry but looks like the show will go on! With fresh energy we are working out a monsoon collection. And now will we truly celebrate the Rains! A dopatta to flutter in the winds anyone?

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