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Shiraz Ahmed, Age 65 Years

Shiraz Ahmed who once ran three handloom units from his home now runs a small shop in Baragaon. He blames the government for the dismal state of weavers in the village. He talks of better times when there were 110 registered handloom units in the village and yarn costed less (Rs.250-Rs.300/ 5 kilos- current rate is around Rs.900-Rs1000/5 kilos)

Kargha binne walo ko govt ne choos liya hai. (The government has exploited and cheated the handloom weaver). He educated
two of his sons but they failed to get employment, most applications requiring hefty bribes. Due to waning interest in the family profession, many youngsters have migrated out for work, many working as daily wage unskilled labourers. Money is less but options are limited. In spite of discouraging state of affairs, Shiraz Ahmed still sees a ray of hope and feels that the situation may improve if the government shows interest.

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